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May 2020

Circular Economy & EcoDesign workshop

May 05, 2020 - From 3:00 PM till 5:30 PM

Outline: An introduction to sustainability and the Circular Economy: what is it all about, how could it be applied, what are the challenges? What is meant by eco-designing? How can you design in an environmentally-friendly way, keeping in mind the full life-cycle of a product, from resource extraction to product disposal? How can you apply such principles to a service too? A few practical examples from around the world will be presented. The discussion about some of the most important…

Wow Your New Customer And Adapt to the New Buying Behavior

May 07, 2020 - From 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM

Summary People's life changed suddenly and drastically all over the world following the COVID-19 pandemic. So has the consumer's behavior whose spending habits shifted immediately. During this workshop, we will brainstorm on how to anticipate what kind of consumer is emerging, understand emerging consumer behaviors and identify the temporary reactions from the new normal. Through tips and tools we will share ways to adapt to the new customers' needs to win back and grow your customer base. Target Audience •…

The Future of Talents Round Table

May 14, 2020 - From 5:30 PM till 7:00 PM

Summary Companies and individuals should identify the skills gaps and to engage in a "re-skill" or "up-skill" process to be able to adapt to change. This week, we are collaborating with Don Bosco Cultural Center to discuss the newly needed talents in the Post COVID 19 era. During this round table we will navigate through the skills and talents needed and the ways to develop them.   Rana Falah Karam HR Business Partner, SHRM - SCP Certified Internal Auditor An…

September 2020

Employment of youth in times of crisis

May 14, 2020 - From 5:30 PM till 7:00 PM

Joanna Abou Jaoude Joanna Abou Jaoude is a seasoned international management consultant. She worked over the past 15 years for organizations such as Deloitte, Amazon, Oracle, and others. She is an experienced facilitator and writer as well. She is currently engaged on local development projects in the Lebanese community with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and several UN agencies. Her area of expertise lies in capacity building, change management, employment, and enterprise development.   Summary A three-hour interactive…

November 2020

CV Writing Workshop – What it Takes to Stand Out

November 26, 2020 - From 4h00PM to 5h30PM

Summary Your CV is your first selling tool at a prospective employer. With hundreds of CVs received to each job posting, employers or recruiters form their opinion on the potential candidate in a glance at the CV and base their decision on whether to shortlist or overlook the applicant accordingly. Through this workshop, participants will learn how to make their CV stand out with relevant information and attractive template that ensure a great first impression for the right position. While…

December 2020

Struggle Less with E-Learning

December 9, 2020 - From 6h00PM to 7h30PM

Our free webinar “Struggle Less with E-learning” developed for parents to help them understand, cope and adapt more smoothly to distance learning along with their children, during these challenging times.

February 2021

Homeschooling: Challenges and Solutions Webinar

February 25, 2021 - From 6h30PM to 8h00PM

Summary In this webinar we will discuss the following main points: 1. Understand the challenges parents and children go through during homeschool. 2. Tips on supporting the child during the online work. 3. Tips to support parents to set their minds into embracing the challenge. Learning Outcomes: Parents will be able to: 1. Provide the right physical setting and understand its importance for focus. 2. Identify certain emotions and know how to deal with them. 3. Understand the reason behind…

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