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Circular Economy & EcoDesign workshop

An introduction to sustainability and the Circular Economy: what is it all about, how could it be applied, what are the challenges?
What is meant by eco-designing? How can you design in an environmentally-friendly way, keeping in mind the full life-cycle of a product, from resource extraction to product disposal? How can you apply such principles to a service too? A few practical examples from around the world will be presented.
The discussion about some of the most important criteria & principles of eco-design will be followed by a few challenging questions and an interactive card game to pick your brains!

Target Audience:
Suitable for all levels and anyone curious about the circular economy.
Designers from all fields of design (architecture, landscaping, urban, fashion, industrial, product, etc…) will particularly benefit from this workshop to apply circular thinking in their own practice.


Moderated By Maya Karkour

Maya Karkour is an Environmental Consultant, an Eco-Entrepreneur, and the Managing Director of Eco Consulting which she co-founded in 2003 in the UK. Eco Consulting (www.ecoconsulting.net and on LinkedIn ) is a specialized sustainability consultancy with a focus on reworking the relationship between businesses, institutions, municipalities, corporations, households and the Environment through greater energy-efficiency, better resource use, pollution mitigation, as well as healthier and circular solutions. Eco Consulting offers a broad range of inter-related sustainability services, such as Eco-building guidance, LEED & BREEAM certifications, energy-efficiency advice, dynamic thermal modelling as well as other environmental services including: corporate environmental /sustainability policies and awareness campaigns, environmental education, circular economy advice, and coaching Eco-entrepreneurs.

Maya moved back to Beirut, Lebanon in 2008 to create EcoConsulting in Lebanon. She oversees or has directly worked on numerous projects aiming at reducing their environmental footprint –including the eco-renovation of Casa Batroun, the first project in the Middle-East to achieve the British BREEAM “Excellent” green building certificate in February 2014 and the Lebanese Architects Sustainability Award in 2017.

Maya has been a keynote speaker or moderator at various sustainability/environmental conferences in Lebanon and other countries; she has conducted numerous green building, sustainability, circular economy and environmental seminars & workshops. Additionally, Maya has been coaching environmental start-ups with innovative entrepreneurial solutions and is mentoring some Eco or social entrepreneurs to help them establish themselves and scale up. Maya has also been actively promoting the Circular Economy and sustainable practices in Lebanon through workshops, as the local representative of the Circular Economy Club in Beirut, and more recently by launching the Circular Hub of Eco Consulting .

Maya has been fully engaged as a Board member of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) since 2013 and is currently the President of the association, also in charge of developing and helping implement Environmental Education programs on the Trail, working with the Ministry of Education and public schools.
Maya holds an MSc (hons) in Environment & Sustainable Policies from the London School of Economics & Political Science, has attended a Masters in Urban Planning at Alba University and is a LEED Accredited Professional, a BREEAM Licensed Assessor, and a Low Carbon Energy Assessor. She has two certificates in the Circular Economy, as well as the Permaculture Design Certificate, first level. Maya is also a fellow of the Middle East Leadership Initiative (MELI), Class IV, of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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