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Writing Effective Policies and Procedures

Developing clear, accurate and concise policies and procedures creates a solid framework for organizations and ensures things are running smoothly and efficiently while maintaining fairness and consistency. This workshop has been designed to provide participants with tools and best practices to write understandable policies and procedures in order to overcome the risk of mistakes, complexity, misinterpretations and miscommunications.


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Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, HR Professionals, Quality Assurance Professionals responsible of the development, documentation, and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures in their organizations.


Learning Outcome

Understand the difference between policies and procedures and how they are strategically linked.
Define the required component and design that would support conformity to objectives, regulations and best practices.
Identify a clear process for writing Policies and Procedures as well as the factors to consider to be able to optimize the time of writing.
Acquire tips that would leverage the buy-in from peers and management through the positive presentation of rules and processes.

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