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Digital Currency Roundtable

Philippe W. Zgheib is a senior Fulbright scholar in business ethics, start-up entrepreneurship, and strategic management. He holds a PhD in economics (1994) and a civil engineering doctorate (1990) from Utah State University in the USA. He has served actively in academia, and in business practice since 1984 both in the USA and overseas. Dr Zgheib is a widely established corporate consultant and executive business moderator with private corporations, global and domestic. His current business research is specialized in the areas of business ethics, innovation, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and in business communications.

In Lebanon, he has served over the last 25 years in full-time academic capacity at leading universities . His academic university adjunct service in the USA, includes Carnegie- Mellon U., Babson U., Ohio North-Central U., Cleveland State U., U. of Pittsburgh, and Vanderbilt U.

Early Internet dealt with intangibles, emails, videos, files, etc. Modern internet deals with assets, which are encoded on a network-to-network ledger chain called the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is money in digital form, encoded as 16 –string signature hash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litercoin, etc.

Furthermore, decentralized blockchain is changing the world, in managing assets, using machinery, registering voters, recording taxes, etc.

It is transforming banks, hospitals, universities, and …governments!

Is it democratizing the global economy?

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