Excellence in Governance (EIG-L)
  • EIG Lebanon is an advisory firm, part of Tamayyaz, that supports you every step of the way by offering you consulting services in corporate governance, risk management and compliance. As an IFC partner and a part of Tamayyaz, we pride ourselves in providing you with a proven track methodology, and credible trustworthy advisors who help you achieve concrete results through their tailored approach and careful follow-up. We help by offering you a wide range of programs and trainings from:



  • Corporate Directors Program (CDP)

    Get equipped with the tools to instill Sound Corporate Governance Framework and Improve Board Performance




  • Corporate Governance Advisory Services

    Benefit from the support of our team of professionals for the purpose of developing any new policies or for guiding the Board of Directors in implementing any changes within the company



  • Independent Board Member Nomination

    Browse Through an extensive list of IFC Certified Independent Board Directors




  • Other Training Programs

    Based on the demands of our customers, the following programs have been developed as to provide more in depth knowledge on the following topics:

    • SME Governance Trainee Program
    • Women On Boards and Business Leadership
    • Compliance Workshops
    • Private Workshops


    For more information about any of these services, please visit www.eiglebanon.org