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Management Development Program

This highly interactive workshop will develop participants’ Management Skills and equip them with best practices needed to bring the best out of their team members. During this workshop, participants will discover the impact they, as managers, have on the business; they will procure vital Skills and Best Practices including Setting Goals & Objectives, Communication Skills, Coaching & Giving Feedback, Delegation Skills, and Conflict Resolution. The workshop will also provide participants with guidelines to implement an efficient Performance Management system while sustaining employees’ motivation and equip them with the essential tools to enhance their Time Management Skills & Productivity.


Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, Team/Project Leaders and any other professional managing the work of other employees, contractors or others.


Learning Outcome

Explore the Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager.
Practice essential Communication Skills to ensure organizational goals and expectations are successfully cascaded to teams.
Acquire techniques to give Constructive Feedback and Coach team members in order to increase desired behaviors.
Carry out the Delegation using a structured process .
Gain Tips and Techniques to ensure Employees are continuously motivated.
Identify the input of managers in the Performance Management Process.
Capitalize on disagreements as an opportunity for improvement.
Adapt own Plans while ensuring organizational and team effectiveness.

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