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Couple Agility in Time of Crisis

Fadi El Halabi
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist
Counsellor for couples and adults

 Fadi has been counseling couples in Lebanon and at a regional level, for over sixteen years.

In Lebanon and the region, he has initiated a “culture of couple’s wellness” by bringing the topic forward on various media platforms – TV, radio, press, social media; with a special emphasis on TV where he has been operating on MTV as a guest specialist for over eight years, every week.

He founded the “Relational Ecology Centre” dedicated to offering personal development, societal and educational solutions; Based on “Design Thinking”, an innovative, collaborative and participatory approach.

Furthermore, he is immersed in the advocacy environment as he has been leading EDAN (Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network) in the region since 2006.

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